November 08, 2019

Tips for building that custom home, you’ve always dreamed of!

Working with a custom home builder to create a luxury custom home allows you to control the whole experience. You create the custom home you have always wanted and dreamed about. Being able to personalize and detail every feature of the home from the bathrooms to the tile to which windows you would like is freedom.

At some point, most people will sell their homes, and while that may not be a thought right now as you are contemplating building your dream home, it does come up more often than we would like. It is crucial that everything you add or subtract from your home is a selling feature.

Should you add that pool and waterfall, maybe it’s an outdoor kitchen you are going back and forth on, or even making the decision to eliminate one coat closet for a bigger garage. Each feature will play a vital role in determining your resale value when appraising a custom home.

To elevate your custom home, here are a few tips that may be helpful to consider while building your custom home.

Step #1: Choose a great location

No matter how brilliant or amazing your home is if you don’t have the right location, not even amazing windows can help resell this home. As Utah is fast-growing with a population that offers diverse senses of style and taste, we are sure you will find the right spot for your custom home.

A few things to consider if you want to live in Park City, or in Moab are the activities you enjoy. Do you prefer to get in winter gear and shred a mountain, or would you rather gather your dogs in a Jeep and crawl the Red Rocks?

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Step #2: Curb Appeal, Curb Appeal, Curb Appeal

Do you remember when you started looking around at houses trying to decide if you were going to buy or build one, and you gathered these ideas about what the exterior would look like? Building a custom home will allow you to design the exterior and interior of your home, but the exterior is what people who are driving past your home deciding if they want to purchase or not, will notice first. Our suggestion is to start with a style, do you have a farmhouse-style you would like to portray, or do you have a transitional style? Be sure you are looking at your home from the street view. Do your windows allow for open lighting and great views, or is your landscape too much or too little? Add your own subtle, unique touches, while also considering how your home may benefit other families in the future. 

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Step #3: Design your home in a cohesive way

Crucial to resale value, as well as overall happiness while you are in your home, is design. The layout of your home should make sense for the amount of space you have while offering enough storage space to live in. There are a few versatile floor plans with elegant, timeless design features that you may consider. Such features are:

  • The right colors, materials, and finishes
  • Storage
  • Views and Privacy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Aging in place (specifically, no steps and a bedroom downstairs)
  • A split floor plan
  • A finished basement

If your custom home does not contain these things you may deter buyers from an interest in your home, however, that does not mean you should take the needs of others into consideration, before you take the needs of you and your family. Perhaps your family likes to spend time outside and a fire pit is what you are after. Other families will appreciate that, or they will also consider removing it if the design of your custom home is a decent fit for them as well.

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We suggest that you take your time when building a custom home. Be sure the home is everything you want and has great resale value. If you are getting stuck on any specific product or need ideas, visit showrooms and consult with different salesmen about what the best product is for your space and how to achieve the look you want. Keep in mind your contractor may have specific people they like to use, but ultimately you are in charge. You get to make the decisions on these things.

Here at Epic, we are always happy to help you with your custom homes for windows and doors. Our team will be sure to get you the best product for your dollar that also fits your needs and desires. Keep in mind that we love to visit these custom homes once they are completed and see your dream come true.


** The home featured is an actual home Epic Windows and Doors work on. This is a Robison Home Builders home.**


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